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An exciting new addition to the Sierramas West's SierraHomes collection, the Seri Thuja must rate as the most unusual. Modern designs offering new homemakers a variety of brighter new ideas to furnish their homes, they can only but delight your senses.

Whilst there are the standard Sierramas specials such as the ever popular courtyard, generous window openings and floor to ceiling heights, Seri Thuja has plenty of space. Space for that huge dining table you have always wish for, a marvellous living room and a wonderful master bedroom complex with its own dedicated space for sleeping, dressing and bathing.

The bathrooms are particularly appealing. Each bathroom has an extra private outdoor area, precious space for an extra outdoor shower area, or just a tiny roof top garden.

Elsewhere, generous lobby spaces on the ground floor provide wonderful opportunities for decoration and what about the small pond in the foyer.